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I am a college graduate with a degree in Business, currently doing my PhD and freelance writing on the side. A thorough study of the accounting principles underlying the preparation of financial statements. Management principles relevant to agribusiness firms: The ability to prepare and present oral reasons to support critical thinking and decision making skills will be reviewed.

This is why you add. Also includes emphasis on the accounting cycle, internal control structures, computerized transaction processing systems, relational databases, and integrated enterprise resource planning systems in accounting.

Also introduces students to the use of computers in animation. A survey of the working and pleasure horse industry; breed selection, breeding, feeding, diseases, unsoundness and management. Basic plant morphology, classification, propagation, and crop improvement are topics discussed along with growth and development of crop plants.

This course provides an overview of the various sectors and institutions servicing agriculture.

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The topic to be explored will change from year to year. The development of a strategic marketing plan for an agribusiness firm will be required. This course is an in-depth study of a selected topic. This course examines and analyzes the effects of government participation on farmers, ranchers, agribusiness firms and consumers.

This course will engage students in an advanced study of the tools, techniques, and applications of digital photography. Taught in the Arabic language for additional skill development in listening, speaking, reading and writing, the course emphasizes the fifth skill: A study of the characteristics of feedstuffs, a review of the essential nutrients and digestion, ration and mixture formulation, feeding methods, and nutritional management of beef, swine, sheep, goats, poultry, and horses.

Emphasis is placed on effective written and oral communication means in professional and media environments in addition to public relations efforts in the fields of agricultural education and agribusiness.

A study of the major turfgrass species grown in the U. This entry-level course is the first in building the foundation for graphic design. Topics of study include climatic requirements, growth characteristics, cultural practices, and pest control strategies.

I have experience writing articles, dissertations, essays, and admission essays. This course may be repeated for credit as the content varies.

May be repeated for credit. Stable management, equipment, and pedigrees will also be discussed. The effects of selective breeding, physical and social environments, and the developmental stage on social organization will be studied. Arranged professional and developmental learning experiences incorporating a practical application of agricultural skills and practices.

Social Sciences Completed orders: Designed for non-majors and minors, this course introduces students to the technical principles and creative potential of photography. The topics will include quick sketching, thumbnails, basic composition, and perspective.

A study of the principles and practices of game animal production. This course introduces the student to the tools and techniques used in the scanning, creation, manipulation, and presentation of digital images. This is an introductory course in the use of the computer as an art-making medium.

A study of principles of accounting systems design integrated into both manual and computerized systems. The course introduces more sophisticated concepts and techniques and emphasizes animation development through hands-on practice.

> Introduction to HTML for WordPress & Thesis Users – Part 13 – Using the Thesis Body Class System Introduction to HTML for WordPress & Thesis Users – Part 13 – Using the Thesis Body Class System. Difficulty Level - Beginner. Thesis Body Classes.

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